Greece is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited so I’m presenting you my TOP 10 beaches on this beautiful island. Check out my vlogs too. Let’s go!



OK, so you must be wondering why did I put this one in the last place because it looks so beautiful, stunning and amazing. Yeah, it does! It would be in my TOP 3 but not everything is as beautiful as it seems. First, it’s EXTREMELY hard to reach this place. It’s so steep, I mean it’s basically a cliff and you have to be a pretty good climber to enjoy this place. I even dropped my phone trying to film the process of reaching this beach. When you somehow manage to get there, it’s so crowded that there’s no place for your towel. The worst thing about this place – goats! Cute little bastards all over the place stealing your food, pooping and pissing wherever they can. Gross. But if I only look the nature, if I would move all those people and goats out of there and make the path easier, it would probably be my NO.1! And yeah, there isn’t any food or drinks so you should bring your own but hide it from the goats!



This one has two fun factors – huge waves and island with the church on it. Seriously, that’s it! You should be careful when entering because there are some big stones inside. I cut myself a couple of times and the waves just made it worse. But it was fun. I swam to the island, made a couple of pictures, returned to the coast and just enjoyed because it’s kinda like a whole body exercise, try not to get killed and always stay above the water. Not family friendly! There are some snacks, ice cream and drinks.


8. STAVROS.jpg This is the chill zone. No waves, no pressure, no goats! There are plenty of sunbeds and sun umbrellas and it’s not crowded (at least it wasn’t when I was there). There is a restaurant with decent (but kinda expensive) food across the beach where you can enjoy your beer or wine or just grab something to eat. They will even bring you your lunch to the beach while you tan. You can swim to the other coast and just chill in the water. The only thing is that it’s – boring. But if you came just to relax, drink cocktails and not have fun, then this one is perfect for you. Zzzzzzz…



Now it’s getting serious. This one is extremely beautiful and it looks even better in person! I found the last sunbed and an umbrella because there are a lot of people wanting to go to this beach. The waves there were extreme so there’s your fun factor. It’s easy to reach this beach because there are stairs and on top of the hill is a bar where you can eat or drink something. The view from above is amazing and the only thing that I hated about this beach is that is kinda dirty because of the waves. But they told me it’s not always like this so I’ll give them credit.



Ahh what to say… First of all, I fell in love with this town! Matala is so cute, small and people there are amazing. There are plenty of restaurants and the food is great! It’s hard to describe it with words so you’ll just have to watch my vlogs. I got the feeling that it’s so private, intimate and adorable. People are singing and dancing to a Greek music on the street, everyone welcomes you and everything is so nice. That was one of the best places I’ve visited here on Crete island.



Top 5! Drums, please! Heraklion beach is one of the longest beaches on Crete and it’s amazing. There are lots of open resorts along the beach so there are enough beds and umbrellas for everybody. This beach is a chill place as well. Heraklion is one of the largest towns there so you can walk (or drive) around to find some fun. There are some amazing restaurants and the one I was in, is called the “7 Thalasses”. You guessed it, the food was so delicious that I want to go back to Heraklion just to eat their food again! That’s one of the best restaurants on this island.



This is one long beach as well, and it’s fun too! I drove jet ski there and it was incredible. All that sea just for me. It’s a blue flag beach so it’s clean (and it really is!). The entrance is so smooth, there aren’t any rocks inside the water and it’s just perfect. It’s huge and there are some bars where you can eat and drink. That’s one of the best beaches on this island.


3. PREVELI.jpg

Everything about this beach is amazing! First of all, the landscape around it is like from a fairytale (check the gallery at the bottom of this post). It’s special because it’s a place where the river merges with the sea. You don’t need sun umbrellas here because there are a lot of trees where you can hide from the sun. This place is stunning! If you swim further, you will find some caves where you can go inside and chill. There are no goats (thank God), but there are two cute ducks (they are a couple) and you can feed them. I was amazed and I stayed here all day. The water here was much colder comparing to the other beaches because the river is cold. I didn’t enjoy swimming in the river but the sea fascinated me. It is so clear and there are lots of cliffs from where you can jump into the water.



What can I say? See it for yourself! This place tricked me actually. At first, I didn’t see this other part of the beach. When I came it was extremely windy so I wanted to go back to the hotel. I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve discovered the paradise. When you walk further, you find out that there is so much more. This beach is a little adventure on its own. Explore and you will find it. This is a paradise for kids because there are parts of the beach that are shallow so they can play. It’s a shame that it was so windy because I could enjoy here all day. Make sure you come early to find your spot because there is a lack of sun umbrellas and beds and if you don’t bring your own, well you’re burned.


1. BALOS.jpg

The World’s famous Balos beach! Yep, the beach which you compare all other beaches with. It’s stunning because…uhmm…just look at it! First of all, you have quite an adventure before you even find it because it’s kinda separated from the rest of the world. But it’s worth it! Then you have to walk around 30 minutes to get to the bottom of the cliff but it’s not as difficult as the Seitan Limania Beach. My advice is to bring your own sun umbrella because there aren’t many of them there. Unfortunately, it was windy so mine broke but I still had a great time there. Water is so warm, clean and the color is amazing! Perfect fit for families because the left side of this beach is completely shallow. This looks so unnatural, out of this world. There is one bar where you can eat and drink so you don’t have to bring your own food. I fell in love with this place!



This lake deserves to be in this post because is fun and beautiful. Even though it was rainy when I came there, I still managed to see its full potential. I rented a pedal car and drove around the lake. This place is a real nature spa because inside the water are fishes which eat your dead skin and make it smooth. There is a herbal mud as well so you have a full treatment. There is one restaurant there but the food wasn’t so great.

Well, that’s it! Make sure you watch my VLOG 1, VLOG 2, VLOG 3 and VLOG 4 from the incredible Crete and check out my gallery.