Don’t you just hate titles like that? I do and…that’s…why…I…wrote…one? Nevermind, I FLEW to Madrid. Yeah, I cheated, so what? It supposed to be a ROAD TRIP, not an AIR TRIP. Well, sue me.

20180406_131114It was a pleasant flight. God, I missed planes. Driving is alright but my back is thankful that I bought a plane ticket. You’re welcome! After 1.5 hours from Barcelona, I came to the capital city of Spain – Madrid. Now, let’s talk about my hotel. That was the first time I took a hostel BUT, this one is a bit different. Just google the Hostal Central Palace Madrid. You’ve got it from the title. This hostel is brutal! It’s actually a guest house. It is centrally located overlooking the Royal Palace and Sabatini Gardens in Madrid’s Plaza de Oriente. Oh My God! Amazing place to stay! Breakfast was extremely bad though because they have a deal with some local restaurant and I don’t think they love each other. You should buy your own breakfast. Trust me.

20180408_133220It rained the first day so I managed to see some things around my hotel such as the Royal Palace, but that I could see from my balcony. Damn this guest house has a great location! The next day was sunny so I could buy ‘hop on, hop off bus ticket’. So Madrid has a lot of attractions. That’s for sure and when you take this bus, you get to see a lot of them such as Temple of Debod, Sabatini Gardens, National Museum, etc. I hopped off at the Real Madrid stadium – Santiago Bernabeu. I’m not much of a football fan so I continued my route. I finally came to the main square, Puerta del Sol. It looks a lot like Ban Jelačić square in Zagreb, Croatia. I took just a million photos there and went to the Plaza Mayor. Brutal place. Buildings 350. It’s a ‘must see’.

Madrid is nice but Barcelona is, in my humble opinion, much nicer because I like towns with a sea or at least a river. Barcelona 1 – Madrid 0.5.

So, this “road trip” is over. Next chapter, new destinations, new journey are about to come. Stay tuned!

Madrid gallery:


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