My journey continues. I’m traveling to one beautiful town in France, which is Nice. That joke is so old but I couldn’t care less. Yeah, I’m taking Tour De (Southern) France.

20180402_192837I came to Nice and it was kinda empty because it was Sunday and everybody’s probably chillin’ but not me, I’m here to explore. I’m Dora the Explorer. Well, almost everything is closed so the best thing to do is visiting the famous Promenade des Anglais. The scary fact is that the terrorist attack happened here just two years ago. And three years ago. And fifteen years ago. Yeah, a lot of terrorist attacks happened in Nice so I didn’t feel so safe there (reminded me of London). This town is absolutely beautiful, the sea is amazing and the food is delicious. That’s my short Nice experience.

20180403_130527The next day I traveled first to Cannes which is famous because of the film festival and honestly, all these southern French towns look alike, just like the ones on the Croatian coast. But, it was great, lovely, cute and the people there LOVE yachts! Next stop it the “incredible” St. Tropez and it was kinda bummer. I expected Monte fucking Carlo and I got, well not Monte Carlo. There was this one little bay, with a bunch of yachts, a couple of expensive brand stores and that’s basically it. I was kinda disappointed but I had to see it in person to believe it. Monte Carlo definitely wins.

20180403_192318Now I’m heading to one cute little town called Aix-en-Provence where I’ve booked a hotel. It’s time to sleep finally! Talking about “small” town, around 140 000 people live there but the feeling you get when you’re there is so private, personal and well, small. It has some pretty old fountains such as Fontaine des Neuf-Canons (built in approx 1690’s), Fontaine de la Rotonde and the Fontaine de la Mairie. I came to a restaurant, talking in English, of course, because the only thing I can say in French is “Je m’appelle 20180404_130654_005_01Martin” and “Au revoir”, but it would be weird to introduce myself to the waiter and I’m certainly not leaving until I eat something! Long story short, I spoke English, she spoke French, body language is all we got. They just refuse to speak any English whatsoever! It basically means: “Tu es venu dans mon pays et tu devrais parler ma langue!”, or “You came to my country and you should speak my language!”. Thank you Google Translate (I hope you got it right!).

The last stop on my Tour de France was the town Carcassonne. Talking about castles! Oh my God! Brutal. Apparently, a lot of movies were filmed there and it looks like Hogwarts, it’s crazy! I got inside and it’s really something special, you should see it in person! I ate lunch there and hit the road. Next stop – BARCELONA!

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