I always wanted to go on a big ass road trip. I’m finally making this dream come true! One week, 4.400 km, one car, a lot of balls.

20180402_090931_001_01So my journey started in Zagreb and I drove all the way to Italy first to visit the famous San Remo. I wasn’t impressed because we have similar towns in Croatia and I didn’t get the wow effect. I’ve got the “meh” effect. Yeah, it’s nice, it’s pretty, many hotels on one side and a coast on the other. Sounds like Opatija in Croatia (or every other city near the coast actually). I’ve imagined it as a luxury destination. Define luxury. Well, now I’m heading to Monaco, Monte Carlo. That’s the definition of “The Luxury”. Now you’re talking!

I’ve entered the city. WOW! Capital letters. Honey, I’m home. So, Monaco is a sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera. Its population is around 39.000. Monte Carlo is like a city in this microstate, more like a Quartier. Its population is 18.000 and everybody is rich. I mean EVERYBODY. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins everywhere. Like you’re in a movie. Feels great! I’ve searched properties there just for fun. So, for a one bedroom flat, 40m2 you have to cash out couple millions of dollars and I’m not kidding. Prices are brutal. Even though the city is relatively small, I didn’t feel like walking. I’ve said that and I will say it again. When you are in a new city that you’re not familiar with, take the hop on, hop off bus! It’s not the cheapest version of sightseeing but it’s the best one in my opinion. The panorama is just incredible! Yachts everywhere, this city breaths money. I fell in love with the city.


There are some attractions that you have to see there such as the Monte Carlo Casino where a couple of James Bond movies were filmed, Prince’s Palace, Casino Cafe de Paris, etc…It’s incredible. I can imagine myself living there. You often ask me where could I live (based on places I’ve visited), I would say Monte Carlo (and Barcelona, but we’re not there yet). I mean, it has everything you can ask for: it’s not crowded, it’s clean and beautiful, it has a sea (which is very important to me!), it’s mostly sunny (I like convertible cars) and it’s pure hedonism. Just how I like it.

If you have the opportunity, visit this town and you won’t regret it. It basically depends what are you looking for. I absolutely love it and I’m coming back when I earn millions. Soon 😉

So, that’s it for this post, my journey continues. Stay tuned, we are just starting.

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