It’s time. Let’s go to the UK. Let’s go to London! I was so excited because I know this is an amazing town. There are so many things to see, experience, eat and drink. The flight was pleasant with no turbulence whatsoever (thank God!). I came to the London Stansted Airport and this MOFO is big! Where to go now?

20180226_123404I called the UBER to pick me up but we had a hard time finding each other. After half an hour, I finally found him. An UBER driver drives a brand new BMW. Shit. I’m not much of a BMW fan but alright. I’ll take it *rollyeyes haha

It was fun watching him drive on the “wrong side” of the road and that was the first reason why I could never live in the UK. I just like my steering wheel on the left side thankyouverymuch. I came to the nice hotel called the Park Plaza London Waterloo and it’s, you guessed it, in Waterloo. So this is basically the center of London. Imagine the price. Totally worth it because everything was so close and I could just walk to the famous attractions. And yeah, I immediately started talking British English. Don’t know why.

20180227_111813_029_01I took the metro which seemed so complicated at the beginning but you just have to get used to it, now where you are going and you will be fine. The first attraction I’ve visited was The Shard. The lady at the front desk told me that that’s the highest building in Europe but she lied (or just not well informed). The Shard is the third highest building in Europe (according to my buddy Google). The ticket cost around 30£ (approx. 35€) and that’s not cheap! I have to say, the view is amazing even though the weather was terrible (the second reason why I don’t want to live there).

20180227_121112_011_01The next one was the Tower Bridge and I fell in love with this one. It looks so powerful like it came out of a movie or something. I’ve decided to go to the top of this tower. The ticket was around 10£ and it was totally worth it! There is a transparent floor made of glass and it’s just amazing. I highly recommend it!

So, as you realized, tickets for the attractions in London are not cheap but you just have to see the most famous and the most important ones. My next destination was the Tower of London and the ticket cost 28£. It was like a Harry Potter movie set. Castles, parks, flying witches…just joking. Officially it’s called the “Her Majesty’s Royal Palace”. They keep a lot of royal things there such as crowns, capes, golden sticks, jewelry etc. Their history in one place. Must see. Then I went to see the Shakespeare Globe, but that’s not the original one, it’s just the reconstruction of the original. It was OK, nothing special (at least not to me). I’m not into that stuff.

20180228_105028The next day I had a full day tour outside of London. First, we went to see the brutal Windsor Castle. I love it! We’ve seen the famous St. George’s Chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan got married. We even got inside but it’s forbidden to take any photos or shoot videos. Oh well, you just have to trust me on that *winkyface

That day we drove A LOT! We came to the Stonehenge, a ring of standing stones. It was so windy and so cold that I didn’t feel my face. I’ve never been so cold in my entire life and the energy there was kinda weird. I don’t know how to describe it. I saw it, took a couple of pictures and ran back to my bus. Seriously guys, you can freeze and die there. 20180228_132127Don’t go there in winter. I kept singing this Ylvis song “Who the fuck builds a Stonehengeeeee”. It’s so good haha. Next stop was the beautiful town of Oxford which is mostly known for its famous college. I don’t know what else can I say about it. At that point, my brain totally froze so yeah…moving on. Actually, that was the last stop. This tour took us 10 or 11 hours! Without stopping! I was dead.

The last day I explored the west side of London. First I went to the Coca-Cola London Eye and that was great. The panoramic view was stunning but then I saw something that killed my mood a bit – the Big Ban was under construction and I couldn’t see it. Damn. Oh 20180301_113708well. We passed by the Parliament which looks stunning and then we got inside of the St. Margaret’s Church or the Westminster Abbey. It’s where the coronation takes place and, of course, it’s well-protected. Kinda scary. I finally saw the Buckingham Palace which is full of police as well but it’s amazing to see it in person. Definitely a MUST SEE.

So let’s talk about the title of this post. I don’t know why but when I got on the streets of London, I didn’t feel safe. London is one of the most attacked towns in the world and it was just like waiting for someone to throw something at us. I can’t describe that feeling. Like, I’m happy to be there but I want it to end as soon as possible. I just couldn’t relax. The streets are full of police, there are massive barricades made of steel all over the place…I don’t know, it’s like they are also waiting for something bad to happen. Maybe it’s silly and it sounds stupid but that’s the most unsafe that I’ve ever felt in my life and I don’t want to feel like that ever again. Some kids made a prank by yelling “Allahu Akbar” in the middle of the street and that wasn’t funny at all. People are scared enough. I know I could die whenever and wherever (Shakira sings) but because of their history with terrorists, I’m not sure when and IF I am coming back to London. That’s the third strike why I just can’t live there. But the town is BEAUTIFUL tho!

That’s it, guys! Thank you for reading. Hope it’s not too long. I should stop writing now. Bye.

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