…if you don’t want to have a good time, meet an amazing nation and learn about their rich and powerful culture. (I see what you did there!) Yeah, I had to get your attention somehow. Let me tell you a story about my adventure in Japan, starting with the incredible Tokyo.

Once upon a time, there was a kid named Martin who thought that going to Japan is something totally unreal, something that will never happen. But, I have to be honest, when I was a kid (this Martin kid is actually me; I’m Martin, nice to meet you!), it was never my ultimate dream to go there until I’ve grown up and started traveling. I mean what can I say, the plane-ticket price was acceptable (I didn’t have to sell my kidney or 20180111_064347_053_01.jpgsomething) so I started thinking about Japan, a lot! I came from the huge “Incheon Airport” in Seoul to this huge “Narita International Airport”. I took the train to the “city center” because my hotel was there somewhere. FYI, Tokyo has a couple of centers. It’s a huuge town, 13 million people live there. This train is called the “Skyliner” and it was on time, quiet and fast, of course. It took me around 40 minutes from the airport to my hotel (distance is around 80 km/50 miles). I paid around 2.470 Yen (20 euro/25 dollars). I was thinking about buying a SIM card for my phone but I didn’t, still don’t know why. I guess I didn’t need it but at the airport, you can buy an internet device which can be very handy sometimes (like always!). Highly recommend it if you are an internet addict. all are…

“I was afraid what will I eat there because I’ve heard stories about cooked dogs and cats and stuff like that. Well, THEY. ARE. DELICIOUS!!!”

My hotel was small but that’s the thing with hotels in Asia I guess (I had the same problem in Seoul). I had a bed and a small bathroom, and that’s basically all you need. It wasn’t cheap because it’s in a district called Taito where everything is near. The first day I’ve decided to visit the Tokyo Tower, which is the replica of the Eiffel Tower in 20180111_155540Paris. The differences are: 13 meters higher and the color is not the same. This one is red and white. I loved the view, that’s kinda my thing now. I’m a big sucker for the panoramic views of the cities. It’s unbelievable how big this city is! I was left speechless. I was afraid what will I eat there because I’ve heard stories about cooked dogs and cats and stuff like that. Well, THEY. ARE. DELICIOUS!!! Just kidding, I’ve never seen anyone sells these “specialties” there and I would probably puke if they do. I HOPE I didn’t eat it because they told me it was chicken (can I trust them?). Later that day I went to the Akihabara district to visit one huge, 10-floor technology related store. Brutal! They have , all kinds of technology. Pure paradise for tech lovers!

The next day I took a full day tour. Our tour guide was called Sami and she was amazing and hilarious! First, she showed us the Meiji Shrine but before you enter this shrine (temple), you have to make a purification of your body and soul with water. If you want to see how to do that, watch it in my vlog. Then we went to see the “Tokyo Imperial Palace” but we couldn’t go inside or near it. It opens just once a year because it’s the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. We had to see it from a distance. We drove to the Asakusa district to see the amazing Senso-Ji temple. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple, and one of its most significant. I’ve read that Senso-Ji ranks among the top 10 temples in Japan for the number of visitors in the new year. It’s really worth visiting it!

20180112_122920.jpgGinza district is the most expensive district in Tokyo and there you can spend your money if you own a lot of it. Expensive stores, apartments, restaurants, you name it! We went to one restaurant for dinner accompanied by an amazing view! It’s just perfect. We went cruising throughout the Tokyo Bay, drink cocktails on a cruise ship and just chilled. Is it possible to be in Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and Paris at the same time? Sure, when you’re in Tokyo, everything is possible. We visited the Daiba Park from where you can see the replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate (called the Rainbow bridge) and the Eiffel Tower.

20180112_100425.jpgAs we were heading back to the starting location, we saw the Super Mario Go-Karts passing us by. You can rent it if you own the international driver’s license. You even get the costumes. It looks fun! I said goodbye to Sami, our tour guide and went to a metro station which is a couple of minutes away. A few moments later I saw Sami again. She was running towards me because I forgot my gloves on the bus. I was speechless. You got to love Japanese people! Honestly, I’ve never met a culture so friendly, nice, cute and willing to help. We should all learn from them. I never had a bad experience with anyone there. They are always smiling and they are extremely polite!

My last stop was the incredible Skytree Tower. That’s the tower with the best view I’ve ever seen in my life so far. I went there by night and it was stunning. I didn’t know there was a disco party on the top of it that day so I experienced partying in Tokyo. Great DJs, great music, relaxed people, they even let me dance with some dancers on the stage. I had an amazing time in Tokyo and you should definitely visit it!


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