Hi guys and welcome to my web page. Finally! I’ve never used WordPress in my life so I had to take some quick lessons. When you are a Libra and starting your own website, searching for a perfect layout can be such a pain in the ass because that lasts for days. I’m really not joking here. That actually happened to me. But I managed to find the closest one I wanted so that’s nice.


If you don’t know me, there is an “About” tab where you can find more about the person writing this blog. So, what can you expect from me here? If I really stick to it, that could be an awesome page for travelers and people who want to travel but that’s not all. Here I will share almost everything about my life such as some of my opinions, columns, advices, basically a lot of various things. Well, that’s just who I am. I don’t like sticking to one certain topic and I really don’t like the routine. Maybe that’s bad for a blog because I’ve seen a lot of advices to, you know, choose your target, write and post about just one specific topic such as fashion or travel or games or I don’t know what… No. I. Won’t. And you can’t make me! #childish

27972201_915935581864901_6355776937174417830_n.jpgOkay, mom! So, my target group is all of you people (it’s a shame that animals can’t read as well) who just love life and seek for everything good in it. I hope I will be your dose of a daily laugh, positive thinking, that I can motivate you to do whatever you want you to do in your life as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Be kind and love each other, help each other out and take actions when it comes to something you want to achieve. That’s what this blog is all about and a big shout out to all of you who are trying to do something in your life and not just watching it passes by.

Ok, I think that is enough for a beginning. I hope we will have an amazing, friendly and a long-term relationship. If you have any questions, feel free to comment my posts and I will respond to it. Of course, if the questions and comments are on the spot because I don’t speak “hate”.

Love you all and once again, welcome to my world.