First of all, I was always listening to people talking about Dubai. I was always listening to people talking about other cities and then I got tired of listening. I wanted to see it for myself! I wanted to experience what they were talking about. Some of them hated Dubai, some of them absolutely loved it. So many different stories about one town. I will write what I’ve seen there. Uncensored. As it is!

I was so excited when I bought my flight ticket because that was unreal – I mean, going to fucking Dubai man! The United Arab Emirates, land of riches, where people drink gold and eat diamonds for breakfast. Naah, that was too much. They are eating it with Nutella! That’s the stuff! #winkyface

20171228_203942When we were flying over this town, that was the most beautiful picture of one town from that perspective I’ve ever seen in my entire life (I could mention that my Samsung S8+ camera does an absolutely shitty job in a low light, or in general, but I won’t!). I mean, we are talking bling-bling at its best and when I saw the Burj Al Arab from the plane, I got chills (and that was not from the terrible food on a plane! Seriously, don’t eat that shh!). We’ve landed! I didn’t know what to expect and then I saw men in thawbs (white dresses for men) and women covering their faces. Then it hit me; I left my refrigerator opened at home! I’m just kidding. Then it hit me; I didn’t water my hibiscus! (I have to stop now I’m sorry…no, I’m not. That was funny!).

I’m standing here in front of a totally different culture that has totally different rules and tradition. I was worried: should I wear those short pants that I’m wearing right now? I’m going to jail! Should I make an eye contact with a woman? I’m definitely going to jail for that! What am I allowed to do? Most importantly, what am I NOT allowed do? I should have thought about that before because now it’s too late. I’m going to jail! But honestly, I don’t think they are so strict, especially when you come as a tourist.

20171231_142318.jpgWhile the cab (a black expensive Lexus) was driving me through the city because I had to get to my hotel, I admired those big buildings. They were stunning! Now, the story about that black expensive Lexus! In front of the airport, there were several taxies: the regular ones, and these Lexus cars. I wanted to take a regular one but the driver of that black one tricked me by telling me that the price was similar. So I guess my ego worked there a little bit. Later I found out that he ripped me off and drove me around for quite some time. Hi Karma, how are you? So, be careful with that! Fun fact: There is an Uber in Dubai and guess what, all Uber drivers drive Black Lexus! But if you know where are you going, and what the price should be, then an Uber really is a great way to go from A to B.

20171230_123330.jpgFinally, I came to my hotel. It was so hot outside. I went inside and the A/C was running like crazy. I was very lucky because my hotel was one metro stop from the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building on the Earth). I got a room on a lower level and I was kinda pissed off because I wanted the view and stuff! Hello Ego, how are you doin’? Luckily for me, most of the windows in Dubai have black shades on because of the sun and extremely hot temperatures during summer. So, the view from every floor was dimmed. But the room was nice.

It’s morning. I’m waking up in Dubai for the first time. It’s breakfast time and I’m heading to the dining room. I stood there like numb. This room was quite small for all the people from the hotel to fit in. Indians were all over the place and there was no place to sit. I had to wait. I will eat someone because I’m hungry as hell. Well, I’m always hungry. The breakfast was OK, I’ve tried everything I haven’t tasted in my life so far and everything was pretty much spicy.

20171229_124214I’m going to visit the Dubai Mall. I’ve heard it’s huge! I had only one metro stop because the Burj Khalifa and this mall are right next to each other. Sweet! Yeah, this mall is big. I mean really big. People drive small taxi cars inside of it because walking from one side to another takes like 45 minutes quick walk, without stopping, and there are four floors. But I was in shape so I walked. Just one floor. Ciao adios I’m done! I went outside and called a taxi to drive me to a public beach next to the beautiful Burj Al Arab. I took the cheap one and the price was OK. I swam a little bit, tanned, chilled. I entered a store which sells thawbs (white dresses for men) so I’ve decided to buy one. My plan was going out in that dress tomorrow. You have to understand that I’m a Youtuber as well and the content is like my religion. I was ready to do that. The fear from the beginning totally vanished. What? If I go to jail, that’s a content. If they beat the shit out of me, well that’s a content too…

…to be continued in the next post “Am I going to jail in Dubai?”.

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