It’s morning, the next day. I am wearing a dress for the first time in my life. Halloween doesn’t count. Zip it! For the record, I have blue eyes and that something you don’t see on Arab people so they all knew that I was a fraud (well, except for tourists! Especially when I had my sunglasses on. They just couldn’t tell. They even wanted to take a photo of me. That was kinda nice. Hello Ego, sup?).

I entered the metro and I could “feel the looks”. I filmed all of them. That was my experiment. All of the sudden, I heard a voice calling me: “Mister, mister! Sir!”. I was like: That’s I’m getting into a fight now, aaand I’m going to jail.
But as I looked up, there was an older security man standing in front of me. I asked him what he wanted and he just said: “Can I adjust your scarf on your head, you’ve put it in the wrong way, sir!”. I was speechless. He was so nice and helpful. I said thank you and waited for the train. As the door opened, it was crowded and there were only women. I wanted to enter and they started yelling. My face went into a serious WTF expression so they told me that this was the women’s section. So, now I’m really going to jail. Just kidding! I apologized, went straight to the men’s section and there were some women as well so I was a bit confused. I think those women were tourists so they didn’t care where they are. That’s the most logical explanation I came up with. And I live peacefully now.

20171230_110321_100_01I came near the Burj Khalifa and I got chills immediately. That fucker is huge! It took me like half an hour to find the entrance because either A: It’s complicated, B: It’s really complicated, C: I’m stupid. I know what you’re all thinking! It’s A, isn’t it? #lol. The view is amazing! Other “big” buildings look so small comparing to this one: 156 floors, 828 m high (2.717 ft). From there you can see that Dubai is one huge construction area. They are building all over the place, turning sand into something incredible. Arabs are amazing!

The day before I’ve booked a ticket for some lounge party or whatever the name was at the amazing Burj al Arab. I thought it would cost a fortune just to enter it because suits there cost around 24.000$ per night so I had to ask about the price. Luckily for me, it didn’t cost like a used Mercedes so I made a reservation and went there. As I got inside, I. Was. Speechless. Gold all over the place, marble, bling, a huge aquarium, I mean…it was OK. Nothing special. Are you kidding me? It looks so powerful even though it’s a bit too much but who gives a shh… The view was stunning as well so I had a couple of cocktails and went back to the hotel. The next day was very busy for me.

20171231_173941.jpgIt’s safari time and I was excited! The tour company picked me up in their safari truck and we went to the Dubai desert. First, we were having fun on quads throughout the desert, driving like maniacs and then we went sandsurfing. I never did that in my life and it was great. I’m always open to new stuff. The sunset in the desert is amazing so we had to pull over to take some shots to capture the moment. It was time to ride a camel. That was fun and they were so cute. They put them masks so they don’t bite. Little ninja camels. We had a dinner at the camp there, some dancers performed their shows, I got a “henna”, temporary tattoo and it was already 9 PM. That day was the New Year’s Eve.

I went straight to the hotel, got ready and went to the Burj Khalifa where I expected are gonna be some massive fireworks and stuff. The metro was closed because there were like million people walking and trying to get to the BK. I even paid 100$ for a seat on the terrace of some fast food restaurant hoping that I’ll have the best view ever. So it’s hard to explain it, the best thing for you is to watch this video because that was hilarious! There were no fireworks what so ever, just couple of lasers. At least that’s what I20171231_224601_012_01.jpg thought! We found out that there was this huge laser show, but on the other side of Burj Khalifa. I started laughing, some people were crying because they’ve come to Dubai just to see this firework. The truth is, there has been a huge fire 2 years ago when one hotel near the Burj Khalifa was lit on fire because of its massive fireworks. That I didn’t know. The taxi driver told me that the next morning. It took me 3,5 hours to get back to my hotel because of the busy streets. It was chaos!

The next day I went to the Aquaventure Waterpark which is next to the famous Atlantis hotel. It was great! I tried the zip line for the first time and there is this vertical slider which looks very terrifying at first. But it’s nothing. Everything is in your head. As always.

That’s it! I didn’t go to jail after all if you’re wondering. I think they are not strict at all because Dubai is a famous touristic destination. A lot of people come here from all sides of the world and I guess it would be ridiculous to put all of them in jail. But I think the tables turn if you really live in Dubai. Then you have to follow the rules.

Dubai gallery:20171230_0950541

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